3 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have a Website

1. Your website shows that you’re a professional.

Your website is the brick and mortar of the internet. If you leave a building sitting for a long period of time without taking care of it, it turns to blight. Now imagine you have two businesses that have store fronts right next to each other. Business “A” repaints their building when needed, they make sure the electrical continues to work, they patch holes in the drywall when they occur. And business “B” doesn’t do anything to their building, ever. It slowly decays over time. The paint is chipping, the floors aren’t swept, it looks like they don’t care.

As a customer, which business will you think is actually qualified for the service they provide? Which business do you suppose is conscientious enough to do a good job? My bets are going to be on business A 100% of the time. No question about it.

Customers want someone working on their home that they know takes pride in their work. They’re not going to want someone who doesn’t care about their own business enough to take care of it. They have limited ways of knowing who to trust and a primary way to choose a business to work with is through the internet. Having a storefront that is well kept is important for customers who walk in. Having a website that is well kept is important for customers who search on the web.

Your website is often the first impression of your business for customers. If it looks like you don’t care or take your business seriously, I can guarantee you you’ve lost potential customers. Your website indicates that you’re a professional that takes their business seriously. Most people wouldn’t get a tattoo from someone who’s shop looks like it’s falling apart. The same is often the case for businesses and out-dated or missing websites.

We build websites that are tailored for small businesses. We work with businesses typically in trades and have created a model to fit their budget. Our sites not only are built by a professional with almost a decade of experience, but they look fantastic and function at optimal performance. By building hand-coded websites without wordpress or page builders, we increase the speed and functionality of your website which google recognizes rewards with a better search engine ranking.

2. Your audience uses the internet to choose where they spend their money.

Remember using the yellow pages to look up business? The yellow pages used to be the primary way to find businesses to use. Well, that’s changed drastically. Now the internet is the main way customers find businesses.

When you’re in a new town looking for a place to eat, what do you do? You probably search google for a restaurant near you. The same goes for every other business out there. Customers are using the internet to determine where they spend their money. If your business doesn’t have a website or if you’re difficult to find (google ranking) they are not going to choose you! You can’t get customers from the internet if you can’t be found.

By not having a website, or having a website that is not mobile friendly, slow, not ADA compliant, and insecure, will affect how many customers you get as a business. Your customers are using the internet to choose where they spend their money and if you are not listed in the “New Yellowpages”, you’re missing out on customers. Having a website that is hand-coded, fully custom without a page builder greatly increases your chance of getting new customers.

Having a website that is hand-coded, fully custom, without a page builder, greatly increases your chance of getting new customers. Your audience uses the internet to choose where they spend their money. Having a well built website is important. We build websites that are maintained for the lifetime of your business. This means it’s never going to be out-dated with irrelevant information or design. When search engine standards change, as they often do, we update your website for no additional cost.

3. Your website can increase the bottom line of your business.

I spent a season working in Alaska as a commercial fisherman set-netting. Our crew had 15 nets to set and unset multiple times through the day. It was vital for us to get our nets in the water as early as possible. We’d wake up at 3:00am to gear up and get on the boat waiting for the fishing window to open and then rush to set all our nets. The time spent with nets in the water meant we were potentially making money. But the time spent with our nets out of the water meant we were basically working for free.

The same thing goes for a website. Your website serves as an online net to catch customers. And thing about this online net is that you can chum it up too (Search Engine Optimization). Most businesses aren’t setting great nets and even more ignore setting bait. That means there is a whole lot of fish getting through that could be snatched up. And each one of those fish determines how much you get paid at the end of the day.

Most of us probably didn’t start our businesses because we had too much time on our hands and simply needed something to do. While boredom might have been part of it, our businesses exist to make money. It’s common sense to stay away from things that will affect the profitability of business negatively and strive to find things that will increase the profitability of our businesses. Your website or lack of website plays a pivotal role in affecting the bottom line of your small business. Your website isn’t just something that looks nice on the internet. It serves the purpose of making you more money. If you’re not seeing value in your website now, maybe it’s time to consider letting a professional handle it.

We build hand-coded websites with the intention of increasing the bottom line of your business. We do this by setting up and managing your online business profiles and ensuring your website is listed across the internet to provide additional traffic to it and more customers to you.